Subject Re: [IBO] Trigger not being called
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
At 12:59 25.02.2003 +1100, you wrote:
>You have two ways to bypass this:
>1. Simplest: don't include the field in your query, unless you need it
>there for some reason (e.g. as a search key)
>2. Set the field's REQUIRED property to false. You can set it directly in
>the query editor if you are using the TIB_ components (see
>ColumnAttributes); you can set it in the ColumnAttributes property of the
>IBODatabase or IB_Connection with fetSQLType included in the
>FieldEntryTypes[] set (MYTABLE.UPNAME=REQUIRED=FALSE). You can also set
>ColumnAttributes properties in run-time code - see the TI Sheet "Working
>with Datasets".
> >I know it has something to do with an IBO param, but cannot locate
> >it.
>Not that I know of. Are you confusing this with a technique to set a
>parameter value to NULL? (ParamByName('MyParam').Clear)

What about '<ColName>=NOCASE=<UpperColName>' in the ColumnAttributes?