Subject Re: [IBO] Is IBX better than IBO when used threaded ?
Author Nando Dessena

P> Carlos sent me his version of my test program using
P> the "IB_xxx" components in stead of the "IBOxxx" components. A few
P> items needed to be ironing out however this new IBO version of my
P> test program is a factor 3 faster than my IBX version.

I couldn't really understand the meaning of Carlos' benchmarks, since
it looks like he did other changes (like deactivating indexes and
committing every x inserts) other than switching to IBO. In addition,
a meaningful benchmarks should act on the same database each time and
Carlos didn't say whether this one has been conducted this way or not.

Anyway, I am particularly concerned by the poor performance of
IBODataSet, but I'm glad to know IB_SQL is a different matter
altogether and that you solved your problems.

>> Using the same racing conditions but with IBO components replaced
P> by
>> dsql ones, with indexes disabled and commit for each 1000 inserts,
>> I've got:
>> 2314 inserts per second.
>> I repeated this tests more then once.

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