Subject RE: [IBO] Firebird 1.5 and driver
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> our architecture is: win 2003 server + firebird 1.5 and some pc
> client.
> Our application works correcty by using the new SQL Server Interbase
> 7.1, but the attempt is to run the same application on Firebird.

I ment the used architecture of Firebird 1.5. SuperServer or
Classic Server? Open the task manager. Do see a process called
"fb_inet_server.exe" (then it is Classic) or "fbserver.exe"
(then it is SuperServer).

It might be possible that the database file has an ODS of 11.x
(IB 7.x) that can't be read by the Firebird 1.5 Server.

Anyway, you'd better moving the discussion to the firebird-support
list, because it isn't IBO related and therefore off-topic here.

Thomas Steinmaurer

The IB LogManager Product Family
Logging/Auditing Suite for InterBase and Firebird