Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery modify Order affects Params
Author teamtlas

After stepping thru the code in the "EncodeStringToDateTime" function
in IB_Utils it looks to me as if the actual exception is not raised
here but at the end of the "isc_decode_TDateTime" function instead.

The Year, Month, and Day variables in "EncodeStringToDateTime" all
contain correct values for my local date format, consequently the
"Result := EncodeDate( Year, Month, Day );" statement does not throw
the exception as I expected.

Looks like the problem might be beyond my limited skills to fix, I'll
leave it to the experts!


Mark H (teamtlas)

> >In the meatime, if I do a temporary modification the
> >EncodeStringToDateTime function in IB_Utils I assume everything
> >be OK?
> Yes, it should be OK...I would have to delve in old code but I know
> back then) I fixed it for my own apps by including a function in my
> utility unit to do the local decoding, and I called that function,
> Delphi's, to pre-process date strings from an edit box. Why I am so
> that Jason did fix this at some point long ago is that it was a real
> problem for me back then, in IBO 3. Delphi changed its behaviour
wrt to
> date strings at (AFAIR) Delphi 4. Previous to that, it was "same
> Borland problem" - none of the Date functions was locale-sensitive
> Helen