Subject Re: [IBO] Flickering panel
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:04 PM 29/10/2003 +0000, you wrote:
>I have a IB_CTRL grid with various IB_Text components and some IB_memo
>I have a vertical scroll bar on the grid, but when I try to scroll one of
>the entries seems to flicker as if hunting between records, too fast to read.
>I have upgraded to release f, but that didn't fix it ?

Call Grid.Datasource.DisableInterface/EnableInterface in the BeforeScroll
and AfterScroll events, respectively, of the dataset.

IBO Help for DisableInterface:
Similar to DisableControls but calling this only disables user interface
Applies to
procedure DisableInterface;
Master-Detail and Lookup links will continue to operate. NB. Isolates user
interface controls by checking for datalinks that have been derived from

Be sure to use a "try...finally" block to guarantee that every call to
DisableInterface has a corresponding call to EnableInterface.

>Any ideas, if I cant fix this then is there a way using one of the grids
>to display mixed text and text memo fields ?

IB_Grid can give you a popup window of the memo text if you use its
EditLinksAuto property (& you have the option of defining your own edit
display instead of the default popup).