Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery modify Order affects Params
Author Nando Dessena

B> 1. Should the IBOQuery be prepared before accessing the params property but
B> after the SQL strings has been set?

as things stand now, I think it is needed unless you access the
parameters by name, in which case this is done automatically.
It shouldn't be needed in any case, for the sake of compatibility.

B> 2. What if the IBOQuery has already been prepared by a previous statement?

this is under investigation; I have sent Jason a small test
application that will help him determine if TIBOQuery needs changes
regarding this or not. Currently I am convinced it does.

B> Does it need to be Unprepared before or after the SQL Strings property is
B> set?

if you explicitly unprepare it before changing the SQL statement, and
explicitly prepare it afterwards, you aren't going to have any
trouble. As I said, this is the current behaviour, I think there's
room for improvement (see below).

B> 3. Will calling prepare, unprepare any previous prepare?

this I just don't know, but I bet it will.

B> 4. None of this was required in the BDE version. Why is it needed here?

As I said, there's room for improvement. AFAIK Jason is working on it.

P.S. Trimming the overquoting wouldn't be a bad idea. :-)

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