Subject Re: [IBO] OldParameterOrdering
Author Jason Wharton
> Helen, it seems we need Dialect=4... However, making Fb/1.5 act like the
> old one (in this respect) seems not to be possible.
> If I'm reading firebird-devel correctly, there is no way IBO users can
> to Fb/1.5 before _all_ applications are relinked to a new/fixed IBO
> (which should work correctly with both new and old Firebird engines).
> I'm now somewhat apprehensive/reluctant to go ahead with an upgrade to
> Fb/1.5 when it is released.

I do have an IBO version about to be released with this fixed in a way that
will allow your newly compiled IBO apps to work with the server corrected.

I would like to encourage everyone to please upgrade your IBO applications
with new code when I make this release so that we can allow Firebird to
operate correctly. IBO was perhaps the only toolset that actually took this
weird parameter ordering into consideration. I think it best that we get to
where this whole weird this is in the past and we no longer worry about old
parameter ordering.

I will be sending out upgrade notices to all who have purchased IBO in the
past that are due to renew as soon as the new release is available.

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton