Subject Re: [IBO] Trustware renewal
Author Don Gollahon
""Dodga"" <dodga@...> wrote in message
> Dont get me wrong, but i hope you are one of the reasons why the site
> got changed
> Dodga

Not sure what you mean by that but I have only experimented with IBO. I did
create a project with it that I was going to market so Jason gave me rights
to the site. But I changed to DBISAM for it instead because Firebird was
overkill. So I am fully in accordance with the trustware license. I am
currently in another project where I am going to be changing from DBISAM to
FB soon and was wanting to get access to the download site again. I'll buy
it when I make money with it. I've made none(ie $0) with it yet.

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