Subject Re: [IBO] Trustware renewal
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:30 PM 25/10/2003 -0500, Don Gollahon wrote:

>I've written 4 or 5 times to renew my trustware license since the site
>changed but have gotten no response. Is the download from the IBObjects
>site now the same as the trustware version or what?

There is no "Trustware version" and there never was. Trustware is the name
of the licensing scheme.

There is an "evaluation version" and a "full source version". The
evaluation version contains some but not all sources. Anyone can use it
for evaluation purposes only. It is exactly the same as the full source
version except that it comes with some units compiled, with no .pas file
supplied for those units.

A person can be licensed to use the current release of either version at 1)
no charge 2) at a reduced subscription rate ("partial subscription") or 3)
temporarily for developing commercial software, until the software is
deployed, with the promise to bring the sub up to date when returns are
sufficient. You have to ask for these.

Because it isn't practicable for BCPPB to use precompiled units, Builder
users need to ask for the full source to use for **evaluation**
purposes. This doesn't give them any more than the eval version
does. Yes, they could "steal" IBO by using it commercially without paying
- but this would be a violation of the Trustware licence. The same goes
for people who have been given permission to use IBO (the eval version or
full source) for free, to develop a project for a charity or for free
distribution under an approved open source project. You're *trusted* to
abide by the licence.

The "Trust" part of "Trustware" is that everyone is *trusted* to abide by
the licensing obligations. You can read what those are at the website.

As for not getting instant attention -- there are still several thousand
unresolved cases -- many waiting for entry to the database and all waiting
for review and analysis. There is an unspecified further list of people
who have been given permission to use IBO free in the past, who are not on
record for one reason or another.

As for "renewing a Trustware licence", there is no such thing. If you got
permission in the past to use a release of IBO for purposes other than
evaluation, self-instruction or a charity project, then you need to make
your case again and submit it. It's a queue and it's taking time.

If you have a special need right now, contact me privately and I'll see
what I can do to satisfy it. However, NOTE that I don't have the authority
to *grant* people free usage rights, so please don't ask me for that---make
your case and write to Jason.