Subject Re[2]: [IBO] IBodataset vs IBX
Author Carlos
TIBOQuery is just a wrapper to an internal TIB_Query. Some properties
of TIB_Query are published. The ones that are not you can access using
the InternalDataset property to get to the internal TIB_Query

Performance of TIBOQuery and TIB_Query is mostly the same regarding
data retrieval. If you use TIBOQuery you basicly loose all the special
implementations done to work with the IBO native controls (TIB_Edits,
Combos, etc.) but you win 3rd party compatibility with any other
Tdataset compatible packages like Infopower, RXLib, etc.


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j> Thanks to everyone. I hardly recommend to my friend to use IBO since
j> most of my friend like the UI thing than the performance and features
j> that is working internally, which the end user won't notice. Thanks to
j> you Jason for enumerating the important features/advantage of IBO
j> Tdataset over the IBX.

j> Roger have mention the ibo_query.InternalDataset ... Is this something
j> that will make IBO_query similar to ib_query?

j> what are the things I won't get if I use the Tdataset over the native one?

j> Hi Marco, I didn't know that you have updated the "RAD for IBO".
j> Thanks, keep up the good work.

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