Subject Re: IBodataset vs IBX
Author Marco Menardi
--- In, "james_027" <james_027@y...> wrote:
> What if I will be using only the IBO Tdataset component in my
> application is it still better than IBX?
> I have been searching about the differences between the ibo native and
> ibo Tdataset ... I only see that they are different on the datasource
> and dataaware components that you will be using is that the only
> diffrence? What are the other differences? I have read that some says
> that it is more flexible and etc but they didn't elaborate or give
> further details.
> Thanks

Have a look at the recent Tech Info Sheet "RAD with IBO", where some
of the most useful features I've found in IBO native components are
outlined. In addition, the DML caching (see "DML Caching" sheet) is
really a powerful feature.
Marco Menardi