Subject Re: [IBO] IBodataset vs IBX
Author Daniel Rail

At October 24, 2003, 10:11, james_027 wrote:

> I have been searching about the differences between the ibo native and
> ibo Tdataset ... I only see that they are different on the datasource
> and dataaware components that you will be using is that the only
> diffrence?

If you are using the basic functionalities of the components, then
that is the only difference.

> What are the other differences?

This comes into play with more advanced features of TIB_Query that are
not found in TIBOQuery.

> I have read that some says
> that it is more flexible and etc but they didn't elaborate or give
> further details.

Have you read IBO's Getting Started Guide? It outlines some of those
advanced features.

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