Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery EditSQL with an anonymous sql block
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:48 AM 24/10/2003 -0300, you wrote:
>Hello Hellen,
>At 12:13 AM 24/10/2003 -0300, you wrote:
> >> :ItemId, :ProductId, :Value, :OrderId
> >> , :ItemId /* return a value */
> >>)
> >
> >You're getting the error actually because you have included the output
> >parameter in the input parameter list. You don't do that. Execute
> >Procedure takes only only input arguments. IBO sets *itself *up for the
> >output parameters when it calls and processes Prepare().
>Does the output parameter have to have the same name of the dataset's field
>(suposing I modify some fields at server side)?

I think you are misunderstanding how the statement object works. The
EditSQL property itself isn't a statement object, so it doesn't surface any
column objects of its own. IBO passes the input values to it internally
from the statement object that owns it.

If you wanted to access the column objects of a call to a stored procedure,
you would need to create a statement object for it. Then you will be
looking at a different (less convenient, unncecessary) arrangement of your
task's workflow. Stick with the "updatable dataset" model you are using
now. You have no need to go to such lengths and create "bubbles" in task

>I supose you cannot use the returning_values clause at EditSQL,
>InsertSQL,,,,etc ?

No, that is PSQL - the subset of SQL that is confined entirely to server
module source. PSQL features can't be used in DSQL (which is what you use
in IBO and other API interfaces).

>OK. I followed your advice and I had to change the identifier generation to
>the client side, and put at server side only the insert/update sql
>sentences. Everything is fine know :)
>Where's gen_id function? I had to use a 'select gen_id(x,y) from
>rdb$database' (dual).

It *might not* be surfaced as a method to TIBOQuery (although
GeneratorLinks uses it.)

So place the function call on the connection object, like so:
with YourIBOQuery do
if FieldByName('ItemID').IsNull then
FieldByName('ItemID') := IB_Connection.Gen_ID('TheGeneratorName', 1);