Subject FW: [IBO] XSQLDA bug
Author Ben Daniel
Thanks for your help Jason.

I think I need to illustrate the scope of the problem in our situation. We have hundreds of storedprocs in our database which translates to hundreds of TIBOStoredProc components scattered through out our 30 or so applications. This is a lot of maintenance for us to add Unprepare and Prepare statements before referencing each TIBOStoredProc. And while we may be able to do a lengthy search for ".ExecProc", if we miss just one stored-proc the repercussions could be disastrous.

Jason, in all our findings on this error, we still have not come across an explaination as to what the SQLDA error actually is. Can someone please enlighten us???

If we can atleast understand the error and what exactly causes it to occur we may be able to find a better workaround for us.

>If you Unprepare and Prepare each time then you won't have the problem at
Can you tell us why this works?
Why, without the calls to unprepare and prepare does it work the first time but not the second, third time with different params?

>It was also difficult to trigger the bug since it has to do with a
>combination of usage patters that tripped it up.
Can you be more specific please?

Also, did I mention we are on Interbase? Moving to Firebird 1.5 is not an option for us. Our company has a strong commitment to Interbase (our Boss prefers a non-open source solution, and we have already purchased the software for our migration from 5.6 to 7.1), and moving to firebird is not a fix to the actual problem. :oP

Ben /:o)