Subject Re: [IBO] XSQLDA bug
Author Jason Wharton
StoredProcHasDML doesn't have anything to do with this bug.
StoredProcForSelect is what will resolve it. This is because it uses a
server cursor to fetch records in rather than just returning a singleton
select. It's the singleton machinery that has the bug in it.

Just use the latest of Firebird 1.5 and you shouldn't have the problem at
all AFAIK.

If you Unprepare and Prepare each time then you won't have the problem at

It was also difficult to trigger the bug since it has to do with a
combination of usage patters that tripped it up.


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From: "Ben Daniel" <ben_daniel@...>
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Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2003 4:11 PM
Subject: FW: [IBO] XSQLDA bug

> OK, thanks for the info. I must admit we still don't fully understand this
error and were wondering if you could help clear up a few more questions we
have on it?
> - Could you perhaps point us to the explaination of the sqlda error
entaling what & why it is?
> - why does it occur when we call a TIBOStoredProc for the second time with
diff params?
> - but not if we stick an Unprepare and a Prepare before setting params
and executing the stored procedure?
> - also why does setting StoredProcHasDML to False also get around this
> Thanks again,
> Ben