Subject Re: [IBO] search on several criteria at the same time
Author Gediminas
While playing with ParamEdit noticed, that

select "Name" from Table
where "Name" starting with :Name

while ParamEdit has an empty value gives null dataset. Also tried to set
param :Name to '' manually (ParamValues["Name"]="" or
ParamByName("Name")=""), but debugging revealed, that assigning an empty
string to param leaves :Name NULL value.

If I manually enter SQL: select "Name" from Table where "Name" starting
with ''; then I get full dataset - why an empty value equals to NULL?

At 2003-10-22 18:38, you wrote:
>With IncSearching I think you should limit it to one column.
>Using something like search edits could help.
>Either that or the Locate() method can be setup to operate on multiple
>You might try it and see if it will help.

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