Subject Re: Intermittent slow connection time
Author georgethenorge
I found an XP services link that has a lot of information. Can't say
I look forward to spending day on this one...


--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:

> > I am still getting a slow connection on a console app project. I

> > changed the interbase file name to '.fdb' from '.gdb', in order to

> > avoid the XP system restore error, but it still occurs.

> >

> > About every third time I do the console app, the TIB_Connection

> > about 10 seconds to connect.

> >

> > What could be going wrong?


> My comment would be "XP". I am seeing the same sort of

> response on simple 'Microsoft Office' connects to files on a

> second XP machine. Sometimes fast - sometimes slow. Since XP

> is not intended for use on 'server' machines it does not

> seem to be able to handle some network activity at a high

> priority, so the time taken is a function of what else it is

> doing at the time ( all those other modules it loads in the

> background ).


> I have had success improving things by deleting some of the

> more esoteric services, such as the wireless interface

> module it installs by default, but I can't find the link to

> the site that provided a very nice list of what matters, and

> what is a waste of space just at the moment :)


> A number of my sites have had XP stripped back off again

> because it does not work as well as W2k or 98SE. I think all

> this 'theaming' is causing more problems with IT support not

> being able to establish what a caller was actually looking

> at ;)


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