Subject search with a several criteria
Author Gediminas
Helen, Jason, maybe you can something to advise? would be greatefull (as
usual ;))

have tried to implement searching on several criteria at the same time with
IB_IncSearch, but there is a problem, when advancing through IB_IncSearch
new ordering links are activated, so if previous ib_incsearch pointed to
record (say with number 5 in a dataset), next ordering link will point to
the new record (but with the same number in a dataset as previous - 5th).

Moved to IB_ParamEdit - everything is ok
select "Name" , "Surname" from Table
where "Name" starting with :Name and "Surname" starting with :Surname:

but I miss 2 great features:
- there is no autocompletion of a selected nearest record (IB_IncSearch has
it) - looked into IB_IncSearch.pas but failed to understand, where is
autocompletion code;
- select doesn't use cached dataset, it make query every time on key press;

How I would implement those features (to use cached dataset + get

--/ Gediminas /--
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