Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Field value
Author Nando Dessena

c> ou is right but i am converting my application from paradox to
c> interbase and this sintaxe

c> Table1.FieldByName('FIELDNAME').text:=Table2.FieldByName
c> ('FIELDNAME').text

c> in a paradox/BDE don't write empty string if de table2.field is null,
c> why the ibo don't make the same convertion of bde/paradox?

Read more carefully what I wrote: "NULL and emptystring are the same
for Paradox". IOW doing

select * from table where string_column is null


select * from table where string_column = ''

yelds the same result set in Paradox. Whether your statement puts
emptystring or NULL into the columns, it doesn't matter since they are
the same thing.

Firebird is different. You can't expect to change your database
back-end AND your data-access layer and see you application work
seamlessly without touching the code. At least not unless you have
used sensible techniques in the first place, which does not include
the use of the property Text to assign a field's value to another
field. :-)

We are way off topic.

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