Subject Re: [IBO] Field value
Author Nando Dessena
Markus et al,

M> The properties "AsString", "Text", "AsVariant" and "AsValue" don't contain
M> the information that your source field is empty.

AsVariant does convey null; so does TField.Value (there's no such thing as
AsValue). The problem with the original question is that NULL and
emptystring are the same for Paradox. Had the OP converted from
Paradox to Firebird, keeping the BDE instead of switching to
IBO, he would have had exactly the same problem. So it's not an IBO
issue at all.

If the OP wants NULL to be treated as emptystrings, or vice-versa, I
suggest he uses before insert/before update triggers, and meanwhile
change its code: TField.Text does convert nulls to '' by its very
nature. Value, Clear, AsVariant and Assign, as suggested, do not.

It is my opinion that the TField hierarchy provides too many ways to
do the same thing <g>, hence the confusion in beginners and at times
even experienced users.

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