Subject Re: Usage of TIB_Date
Author Marco Menardi
--- In, "Riho-Rene Ellermaa"
<r.ellermaa@h...> wrote:
> IBO 4.2fb
> Hi!
> In order to have consistent look in my forms, I want to use TIB_Date
control with empty DataSource.
> The date format is
> When TIB_Date is connected to specific datafield, then it shows te
date correctly (2003.10.15).
> But when I remove the DataSource value, then the empty field shows "
. . ", and when filled with data, it's "03.10. 15".
> Any hints, how to get it fixed

When Unbound, IB_Date has no information about data format. It does
not get it from locale settings too, in supposition that your format
could be only:
so in IBC_Date.imp, procedure TIB_CustomDate.UpdateMask, the edit mask
is set to:
'!99' + DateSeparator + '99' + DateSeparator + '9999;1; '
This way, you can't enter in the yyyy/mm/dd format.
Beware also that if you have set the Autofill property to true, the
code presumes that the year are the *last* 2 or 4 digits.
Where are you from, and is really your locale settings with year as
the first digits of date (like in ANSI date format, AFAIK)? If so, I
think we should add some code to check the locale settings and manage
the situation where year is in front of the date. In the meantime, you
can fix the code in the suggested position for the unbound behaviour,
and avoid use the autofill property.
Marco Menardi