Subject Re: Parser messes up SQL containing FIRST
Author aleksander_oven

> >Invalid custom DML column reference: RDB$DB_KEY.
> It's probably a relic in one or more of your ***SQL properties from
> the previous bad Keylinks setting. Just inspect them and take them
> out.

Bull's eye! Thanks! :)

> Automatic keylinks only works if you have a primary key on the
table. > It doesn't work with joined sets or views, either.

This is worth to remember. I also noticed that automatically generated
update/insert/delete SQL statements tend to use RDB$DB_KEY on joined
views, rather then actual PK. So I guess this is related then?

I never really thought about this, because IBX for example didn't
treat views any differently than tables. At least from the outside view.

Kind regards,
Aleksander Oven