Subject Re[2]: [IBO] TIBOTable and Findnearest
Author Carlos
Jason, I just send you a small demo to you in private. Please take a
look at it.


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FireBase - (Firebird/Interbase HQ)

>> I'm converting a very big project from paradox to IBO. It has tons of
>> Tables and I will take some time to convert all to Queries. Until I
>> can do that, I need it working with TIBOTable. The problem is that the
>> developer that coded it used lots and lots of FindNearest calls and I
>> found that TIBOTable has some problems with FindNearest, specially
>> when used with compound searches/indexes (2 or more fields).

JW> FindNearest should work fine. If you have any problems I need you to send
JW> them to me in simple example apps with simple instructions on how to
JW> reproduce the error.

JW> Jason

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