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I am not an expert and would like somebody who knows more about FB to validate this.

If you are in an environment where you are opening a dataset and displaying to the user using some bound controls and the user is likely to hold this screen open for some time it is not enough if you set the transaction as a read only transaction.

If a transaction is set to read only and you open a dataset and keep it open for some time the OAT will get stuck and cause performance problems if many users are connected your database. To keep that OAT moving you will need to refresh this transaction once in a way.

However if your transaction isolation is set to read-committed then the OAT will not get stuck and you dont need to worry about refreshing your dataset.

Well I am not very sure what are the other implications of setting the transaction isolation to read-committed in your application but in my application this work fine


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Hello Helen,

many thanks for your fast response. I hope we will meet us in Fulda
for the next Firerbird Conference in 2004.

Thanks and best regards

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> >Hi all,
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> >i use FB 1.5 RC6.
> >In my application i set the ReadOnly Property of TIB_Transaction
> >always to true if i need only to read data's from the database.
> >I think that would increase the performance of FB. Is this true or
> >there no affect to do this ?
> It won't affect performance directly, but there is a good benefit
> doing this, as a read-only transaction can stay active without
> garbage collection.
> Helen

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