Subject TIBOTable and Findnearest
Author Rhett Rodewald

I've recently finished a large paradox to IBO conversion. Feel free to e-
mail me privately for any specifics. I am putting together a guide to help
others accomplish this -- but it is not an easy or quick task. I can give
you some of my raw notes on the subject if you want. Reviewing my notes,
here are some caveats you might want to know about. (The first one seems
to be your problem.) Also note that Interbase/Firebird is generally Case-
SeNsiTive while pardox was not. This can cause problems too. Good Luck.



Sometimes you will get the error: "Field Index Out of Range" when using a
FindKey/Locate/etc. This is because you need to define "IndexFieldNames"
properly for the table. Locate seems to work fine for only the first field
of the primary key without it. Trying a Locate on the first _two_ fields
of the primary key will fail until you set IndexFieldNames correctly.

Changing Indexes on open tables causes no end of grief (and is slow too)
with IBO. Rework code to avoid this.

Excessive changing of Ranges (i.e. SetRange/CancelRange) are much slower
with IBO -- IBO re-runs the query to the server for each change. AVOID
CancelRange if at all possible -- it seems to re-fetch the entire table.


> I'm converting a very big project from paradox to IBO. It has tons of
> Tables and I will take some time to convert all to Queries. Until I
> can do that, I need it working with TIBOTable. The problem is that the
> developer that coded it used lots and lots of FindNearest calls and I
> found that TIBOTable has some problems with FindNearest, specially
> when used with compound searches/indexes (2 or more fields).
> Can anybody confirm that to me ? Is any fix or workaround available ?
> []s
> Carlos
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