Subject RE: [IBO] Converting from BDE - TSession
Author Ben Daniel
B>Right so this 'bde replacement' doesn't actually have a global session
B>variable like the bde - it's private

H>To the application, yes.

B> and the only way to access it is to create a TIBOComponent descendant and
B> access it's IB_Session property.

H>You mean TIB_Component, I'm sure. You can go one of two ways: either drop
H>a tib_SessionProps on your form as first in the creation order; or use a
H>named TIB_Session. Either way, you can then refer to the IB_Session before
H>any other components are created. (TIB_SessionProps gives you access to
H>the default TIB_Session component, named DefaultSession, that is created
H>immediately upon creation of the first TIB_Component, if you haven't
H>already created an explicit IB_Session...)

This was actually quite informative and helpful, thanks.

H>If you want to keep working with
H>that flat-table, no-transaction, desktop model, you're probably better to
H>go with some more generic solution than IBO.

On a side note Helen, I can't help but observe that in the archives and in my experience with talking to you,
you are nothing short of condescending and rude. Perhaps that makes you feel superior or helps you deal
with your own personal insecurities. Maybe because you are on the IBO Team you take users remarks
on the IBO personally (not an uncommon trait amongst programmers, I am guilty of this too).
Well, you need not take things personally. I think IBO is a great product and fyi I'm not some wanna-be
programmer who works on 'flat-table' desktop models as you so blatantly assumed. Our company writes
an accounting system for local government with over 20 sub-systems in a ib5.6 database with over 400
tables and just under a thousand stored-procedures. I don't say that to try to impress you but to
impress upon you that you shouldn't treat us users (Jason's paying customers) as inferiors
but rather see us as your equals. Maybe then we can help each other to come up with solutions to our
problems and improve ibo at the same time!