Subject Re: MaxTicks
Author Marco Menardi <>
--- In, "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> I'm shooting to get a new sub-release out here in the next week or
two so if
> there is a bug here I'd like to get a fix included for it.

Hi Jason, I've sent you in the past some bugs and bugs+patch that were
not fixed and/or included in subreleases.
They are (e-mail subject + date yyy/mm/dd):

a) "SECOND patch for IB_CustomCombo.Destroy wrong Button.Glyph free
method" 2002/04/14
b) "IB_ComboBox destroy problem under particular situations, fix"
c) "IB_Text improved text positioning if border/bevel defined" 2002/07/26
d) "IB_Grid read only, keystrokes not eaten" of 2002/10/25
e) "IB_ComboBox and DropDown style new value cleared, bug and fix"
f) "IBF_Query (or IBA_Column) bug with joins and fields with the same
name" 2002/11/10

Will them be included in the next subrelease? Have you lost my e-mails
and want me to re-send you? Is there something wrong in my bug report
/ patch provided?
Thanks a lot
Marco Menardi