Subject Sessions
Author paultugwell <>
I don't understand them!

I'm trying to write programs using Intraweb and IBO which runs as an
Apache DSO on NT4. The first program I wrote would always crash after
the first time it was run and on reading the help file very carefully
I discovered that this was probably due to the lack of a session
component. Hey presto, add a session component and it worked! It's
very easy to find the answer in help file if you know where to look
and what question to ask!! This particular application attached
through a single TIBODatabase to which I attached the session
component via the default connection.

The second program I have to write connects to 3 different .gdb's via
3 TIBODatabase components. Do I need a session component for eahc of
them? If only one is needed, do I need to connect the session
components default component to any of them? Alternatively, do I have
to set the SessionName on the TIBODatabase components to the
TIB_Session component's name?