Subject Re: [IBO] Tabs in forms...
Author Dany Marmur
> This is not about a specific case but more about design. For best
> performance (and I'm thinking about bandwidth) what way aould you go about
> to implement tab pages in a form? The form always has one "MainQuery" and
> fields from that are shown i all tabs. The LookupLinked fields and
> Masterlinked grids are littering the tabs. All is connected to one
> Transaction.
> 1. Split up MainQuery into one for each tab.
> This strikes me as messy. One would have to make sure te correct record is
> shown when the user switches tab. One would have to prepare three queries
> instead of one that might contain the same fields. There might be problems
> with default vaslues of fields not present in som Query/Tab when posting
> Insert from a specific tab. It might be tricky to handle Inserts if the
> wants to wsitch tabs while inserting. Logic migt be needed to post in a
> specific order from the tabs.
> 2. Turnig off controls and links in tabs that don't show.
> I'd like to persue this line of action. How do I do this - I don't know! I
> would like to tell the controls in one tab to simply not receive anything
> th style of DataChange, DataUpdate, StateChange and so on events. This
> make if so that a gid in tab 2 won't have to update when working in tab
> It would mean some event would have to be sent to all the controls in an
> that is opening but that should be fast since the data is already there
> (except for masterlinked queries). Is it feasible to also switch off the
> masterlinked and/or Lookuplinked Queries themselves? How does one go
> Should I "disconnect" or disable the Datasources for the specific tab?
> It would be nice if an open masterlinked Query in which the user has done
> changes would _not_ be closed when switching tabs so that the user can
> back and continue editing util the whole thing is committet.

Another idea... Has anyone tried to use one DataSource for each tab? I was
thinking I could disconnect the Datasource that is used for nonvisible tab.