Subject Locate key value AfterOpen
Author Alan McDonald
I've been trying to get my methodology correct for this for quite some
time - I seem to have come up against a brick wall.

I've got an IB_ dataset working well in a IB_ grid. I can sort etc fine. But
I want to "locate" my users on the last record (keyvalue) they were on (when
exiting the application) each time they start the application again.

I'm using the POS=0 syntax in the OrderingLinks.

Without the POS=0 clause and using the
IB_Query1.KeyFields.Values['BNO'] := irLastBlock; // registry integer
I locate the record in question without trouble but it seems (is) slow to
get there.

With the POS=0 clause, it is faster but the grid is left with only one
record in it ( the record in question) and no apparent way to get all
records visible (loaded).

Does anyone have an idea as to what I'm missing?