Subject Re: [IBO] How to get Design Editors back?
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:01 PM 26/01/2003 +1030, you wrote:
>I'm not sure what caused the Design editor for IB_Query to disappear, but it
>has. Perhaps installing another component set has done something.
>I have uninstalled all the BPL files and, I think, re-installed them all -- to
>no avail.
>How can I get them back?

What about IBO40EDT_Dn.bpl and/or IBO40EDT_Dn.dcp? Those are where the
design-time editors live. Try opening that package and doing a full build
on it.

I don't know whether this impacts anything or whether it's just
interesting..but when I recently installed Winamp 2.8 from a magazine
freebie CD, it commandeered the BPL suffix! Still, it didn't stop my
designtime editors working.