Subject Re: [IBO] Installation problem with Delphi 7 Personal
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:18 AM 25/01/2003 +0000, Christoph wrote:
>I am a newcomer to delphi but experianced with vb6 and and I
>am tring to install ib objects so I can evaluate it for a project I
>am about to start on.
>I have downloaded and read How_to_Install.txt but I am still stuck.
>I downloaded and and unzipped them into the
>same directory.
>I then fired up delphi 7 and opened IBO40_D7.bpg.
>I then right clicked on the first file (ibo40crt.bpl) and clicked
>Then project menu and build all
>I then get an error 'vcldb not found' in rbx40rt.dpk.
>Is this because I am using the personal edition? If so, how do I go
>about building the correct ones? Is there more detailed install docs

Yes, as it explains in the install doc, you can't install the
TDataset-compatible data access with personal edition, which comes minus
vcl database support.

You *can* install the native IBO data access and controls, though.

Just skip any packages which won't install. As well as vcl database
access, it will almost certainly barf on the web packages...