Subject Re: [IBO] speed problems after BDE conversion for IBO
Author Joe Martinez
>Just curious about what things were slower and to what magnitude they were
>slower. Flavio said the BDE was three times faster than IBO for his case,
>and if that is the case we should be aware of what makes IBO crawl and what
>to recommend people facing that problem on this list.

I don't remember everything, but to my recollection, the biggest one was
the SetKey/GotoKey on a TIBOTable. Doing a SetKey(), setting the
FieldByName on the key, the calling GotoKey() used to be very fast with the
BDE. When I switched to IBO, it got very slow. I heard reports from my
customers that it went from being almost instantaneous to taking over 30
seconds. Because of this, I abandoned that method, and switched to just
doing a new query on the desired key and returning that record.