Subject Re: TIB_Grid Col displaywidth
Author Aage Johansen
Russel wrote:
My task is to save the configuration of a Delphi form per user and restore
it when the user next creates that form. This includes form position and
size, and for each TIB_Grid in the form, the position and width of each grid
column. To read the width of each grid column I had used the TIB_Grid's
TCustomGrid.colwidth array because TIB_Grid.GridField[I].DisplayWidth does
not update when the column is resized by mouse action. To read these values
required a new function in IB_GRID.PAS (so the new function must be remade
for each version of IBO)

You could save the FieldsDisplayWidth property of the _query_. E.g. save
Query1.FieldsDisplayWidth.CommaText as a string, and use the string to modify
the Commatext property later on.
I use this for FieldsDisplayWidth and FieldsIndex (when sequence of fields
has been rearranged) saving the strings in an INI-file.

Aage J.