Subject RE: [IBO] Explicit Transaction problem
Author Alan McDonald
I don't know what query.resolve does
but the rest of it seems pretty clear. the autocommit question was asked and
answered just this week I think.
autocommit commits the transaction after every update/delete or insert. if
you want that, then you don't need to commit manually.
if you want to be able to rollback your transaction, then you have to manage
your commit actions yourself and thus you cannot have autocommit set to


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From: Christophe Rozec <c.rozec@...>
Sent: Tuesday, 14 January 2003 12:46 AM
Subject: [IBO] Explicit Transaction problem

Hi to all,

I am working with Ibo Components for the database connection and
kbmMW components for the main application.
My problem comes with the Ib_Transaction component , it is configured
like this :

AutoCommit True
Isolation tiCommitted
LockWait False
RecVersion True
ServerAutoCommit True

i need to apply updates to the database, by using this type of code :


here I get this Error : "Explicit Trans not Allowed wih
By Setting ServerAutoCommit to False, it works, but i would like to
leave it to True.
Does Someone have an idea ?
what does the property ServerAutoCommit involve ?


Christophe ROZEC

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