Subject Locate Vs LookupKeyForFields Vs ??
Author Alan McDonald
I still can't get to the bottom of what is the best (most efficient/fastest)
method of returning a recordset to it's last known position...

When I exit my app I save the keyfield value of a dataset to registry. I
want to return to this record as quickly as possible and position the grid
cursor on this record before I show the grid.

I have used the KetFields.Values[] / LookupKeyForFields method and also the
Locate method. they take exactly the same amount of time to get to the
record in question.

I understood (perhaps mistakenly) that IBO could wave it's wand on this and
not fetch all the records to achieve this, but it appears that all records
are indeed fetched. (e.g. the last record in a large dataset takes a lot
longer than the first record).

I seem to remember reading somewhere on the docs that IBO could be made to
fetch only records surrounding the keyvalue in question (i.e. enough to fill
buffers) .. Am I imagining things?