Subject RE: [IBO] Master/Detail - AfterOpen
Author Alan McDonald
Lester, where can I read more about the implications of RefreshOpen? The
help does not have too much - even up the hierarchy..
FAQ: "raRowNum will reopen the dataset and go to the RowNum that it was on
prior to the refresh. raDataPos uses the Bookmark to make it go to the same
record at which it was positioned before the refresh.
(Jason Wharton)"

which suggests (more than that) that the dataset is, in fact, closed and
"reopend(ed)". This would imply that the events should fire or more to the
point, that the datasets actually close and re-open. What really happens in
the detail dataaset when the masterlink parameter is change via the master
scrolling? I can not see details of this in the GSG or the FAQ...
If the detail dataset, when set to raRowNum, does not close then open what
is IB doing instead?

thanks again

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Master/Detail - AfterOpen

> Thank You Jason - yes the AfterScroll event fires for the Master as I
> expect and I am currently using this event, but I would love to know why
> BeforeClose and AfterOpen events do not fire on the detail dataset. Surely
> this dataset must close and open again after a parameter (masterlink) is
> changed (on the scroll of the master)?? If not and IBO has another sneaky
> way to doing this then wouldn't it be expected that these events would
> anyway on the scroll? Is a call to these event missing somewhere after the
> scroll and a new masterlink param is set?

RefreshAction? If the detail is not set to refresh by
closing and reopening, then I would not expect those to fire.

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