Subject RE: [IBO] Privileges Question
Author Brian K. Woods
> How can I grant a user the right to Alter Tables??
> My SQL.Text:
> 'Alter Table GLOB ADD BOOL_23 CHAR (1) character set ISO8859_1
> collate ISO8859_1'
> Thanks in advance
> Arno Garrels

>From the langref.pdf doc file topic on ALTER TABLE:
"A table can be altered by its creator, the SYSDBA user, and any users with
operating system
superuser privileges."

Does FDMMASTER need to be able to alter ALL tables, or just GLOB? If they
only need to alter GLOB,
drop the table under SYSDBA login, login as FDMMASTER and recreate the
table. FDMMASTER will then "own" the table,
and both FDMMASTER and SYSDBA will be able to alter it ( according to the
documentation quoted above ).
I haven't personally done it. Maybe someone else has...