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Subject : [IBO] Re: Turbopower goes Open Source
Marco Menardi
btw, d) would be "improve IBO visual controls taking code from
Orpheus", but I think that GPL will not allow that.Hmm,
choose a license that let us use them in commercial, closed source,
applications. I'm a too small developer to open source my program and
survive :(

They are licensing it as MPL (as per the FAQ on their site.) not as GPL which will allow you to use it in your applications. However if you extend their libraries in any way you will need to release those libraries back into the community. You cannot resell libraries based on their libraries. (From my own naive view of the MPL)

I personally am excited at his move. I am also stunned and wondering why they are doing it.
I was evaluating purchasing their libraries now it is FREE.

Long live the Delphi community.