Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery & kbmMemTable: access violation
Author duilio_fos <>

> If you single step through the code

I did that.

I tried to trace the offending line, but the access violation happens
after the last line of

procedure TkbmCustomMemTable.LoadFromDataSet(Source:TDataSet;

Namely, the first time I run the code, I can trace the code and see
that it behaves correctly.

The 2nd time, I can trace the code until line {1}, then it bangs.

if not SourceActive then Source.Close;
if not SourceDisabled then Source.EnableControls;
FState:=mtstBrowse; {1}

>I have been caught out a couple of
> times when previous 'prepares' have left things open and I
> have not closed them properly. The errors are not always
> helpful unless you know exactly what caused them.

very helpful.

But this cannot explain why kbmMemTable works with a TQuery and not
with TIBOQuery.

> And IBO is not fast enough?

little by little I will have to tell you all the specs of my current
work :)

I am asking the way to go from NY to Washington.

I need no advice to go to LA, instead :)

> Would not help you

instead, this is exactly what I need.

If you really used kbmMemTable and TIBOQuery in IBO3 and Delphi3 and
want to be helpful, please show me the few lines you used.

If you have no D3 and IBO3 at hand, please post the lines as you
remember them and I will test them.

Thank you

Duilio Foschi