Subject Re: [IBO] Bitmap Image not Valid
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:50 PM 3/01/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>If someone could point the way to a resolution of the following issue, I
>would be very grateful.
>I have a form with tDbImage, tIboSql, tDataSource and tIboDataBase. The FB
>table has one row of data, which includes a BLOB field. When I set the
>tIboSql active I receive an error, 'Bitmap image not valid'.
>I prepared the table by running an Insert query with a .jpg image, and later
>with a .bmp image. The error appears in both cases. A similar error is
>generated at runtime: EinvalidGraphic with message, 'Bitmap image is not
>tks, and Happy New Year,

First thing, TDBImage supports only the Windows bitmap type (.BMP),
i.e. use it as if its real name was "TDBWindowsBitmapImage".

You will find the source for an IB_JPEGImage component in the Addons
directory of your IB installation. It's a contributed component (Thomas
Steinmaurer?) which I haven't used myself...and I don't know whether it is
usable with the TDataset-compatible persistent field. If not, I'm pretty
sure there is a TDBJPEGImage available on Torries.

Second thing, what do you mean by "tIBOSql"? Is this some kind of
derivative component?

Next, what sub-type of blob do you have declared for it in your database?

And, last, how are you linking the blob to the image component?