Subject Re[2]: [IBO] multiple database connections in same query?
Author Daniel Rail

> Hi,

>> > I will appreciate any help, tips or advice.
>> No IBO doesn't support. And, even Interbase and Firebird doesn't
>> support querying between multiple databases. If you were able to
>> perform that kind of query with Interbase or Firebird while using the
>> BDE, then it was the BDE that was doing the job. IBO is an interface
>> to Interbase and Firebird, not a database engine like the BDE.

> Well, I wouldn't say that the BDE is a database engine,
> but a middleware, which allows you to connect to different
> databases.

For a RDBMS, it is a middleware. But for Paradox and dBase, it is
the database engine for those files.

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