Subject Re: [IBO] Connection ok in IDE but exception when run
Author Raymond Kennington
Helen Borrie wrote:
> At 01:46 PM 30-09-02 +0930, you wrote:
> >I have: TIB_Connection, TIB_Transaction, TIBO_Table, TwwDataSource, TwwDBGrid.
> >
> >Connected is True in IDE and data is displayed in the grid.
> >
> >When I run the application:
> >
> >"Your user name and password are not defined. Ask your database
> >administrator to set up a
> >Firebird login."
> >
> >How to correct this?
> Look at the PasswordStorage property of your connection object. It
> defaults to psNone, meaning that the application will not store the login
> name and password anywhere. At the other end of the scale is psNotSecure
> whereby, if you supply user name and password in the IDE, they will be
> saved in the executable with the password lightly encrypted. In between
> are other options providing a "sliding scale" of login security.

> Is there any special reason why you are jumbling up the native IBO
> components (IB_Connection and IB_Transaction) with the TDataset-compatible
> data access and IP controls?
> Helen

I started with a TIB_Query and TIB_Grid connected the Connection&Transaction, but I
couldn't edit the data in the grid so I connected an InfoPower grid to the existing
connection & transaction components, which also cannot be edited.

Raymond Kennington