Subject Re: [IBO] DML updating using tib_cursor
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:49 PM 27-09-02 -0500, you wrote:
>I probably need to force taking time to research all of
>the documentation for IBO, etc. But I am not allowed
>to look long before I have to develope something else.
>Also in my particular instance I found that DML caching
>only executes from outside the current user's connection...

In fact, it operates as the result of committing any transaction external
to the one in which datasets are watching it. Conceptually it's easier
perhaps to think of it as bringing forward the notification of DML changes
so that it occurs before your datasets' work is committed.

However, no transaction can see the uncommitted work of any other transaction.

As for stopping the visual effects of a procedure which is looping through
rows in the buffer, DisableControls is available, just as in any Delphi
project; however, IBO has also TIB_Datasource.DisableInterface.