Subject Re: [IBO] consume memory?
Author anfisoft

wow, it just replaced my IB_Query1 by an IB_Cursor1 and the result
was a ZERO Memory consumption. Cool, thanks a lot. ehm, needless to
say that this seem to be 5 times faster than before!

Andreas Filsinger

Log-Book-Entry: "27.09.02" first time i used "IB_Cursor"

> Hello Andreas,
> if you do not need a bidirectional, scrollable result set,
> you would be better using TIB_Cursor instead of TIB_Query.
> A second thought is, that you write a stored procedure,
> which is executed on the server and so the result set
> doesn't need to be transferred to the client.
> But, without know what you are doing in the loop, it's
> hard to say if you can use a stored procedure.
> Regards,
> Thomas Steinmaurer