Subject Re: [IBO] Does IBO have connection pooling?
Author Jason Wharton
It's all built in. Just Connect normally.
Just remember to call DisconnectToPool and be aware of the need to flush
handles out of the pool if necessary. Can't remember the method I provided
for that. I don't remember things I can easily look up.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Does IBO have connection pooling?

> Jason,
> do you have a small example? Some code snippets?
> I am kind of confused on how it works with IBO.
> In IBX I do this
> Ibdatabase:=am_msg_server.thepoolmod.con_broker.GetConnection;
> userq.Database:=ibdatabase;
> ibtrans.DefaultDatabase:=ibdatabase;
> Try
> file://do stuff with the connection
> finally
> am_msg_server.thepoolmod.con_broker.ReleaseConnection(ibdatabase);
> end;
> I for sure want to use IBO in the future because IBX will not
> support future versions of Firebird.
> Thanks,
> Tony Caduto