Subject Re: [IBO] catching excpetion in TIB_Connection.Connect
Author Ryan Nilsson-Harding
Excellent Helen,

thank you.
I now test for the file_not_found error in myConn.OnError, and then
execute my createDB proc, and suppress the exception.

I'm still quite baffled as to why my original try.except block will
only catch the Connect exception if LoginPrompt is True, but I will
worry about that later as I must press on!

Thanks again.


> Is it possible you have LoginAttempts set to the default of 3? If
so, the
> default "re-try login" handling is going to reiterate three times
before it
> passes control over to the OnLoginFailure event. Set your
> back to 1 and read the error status array in the OnError
event...though I
> would expect OnError to pick up the appropriate EIB_ISCError each
> login fails...
> Does this help to answer your questions about when and where the
> occur?