Subject Re: [IBO] BLR version xx not supported
Author Martijn Tonies
> > the blob is created with subtype "2" - it was created with QuickDesk. I
> > have NO idea why someone would do that, but it's the case.
> That most definitely is the problem. Sub-type 2 is a reserved type for
> internal server usage. I use the BLOB api calls that allow filtering
> information to be used. This could be why I have exposure to a problem and
> the other ones don't. Anyway, IBO is definitely doing you a favor here
> alerting you to fix this problem.

So this error is coming straight from the API (what I thought) and it
is coming to the client because of sub-type 2? Fair enough... I was
surprised to see it as subtype 2 :)

Strange though, both QD and IBExpert can read the blobs as text
just fine...

So IBO reads subtype 0, 1 and <0?

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