Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Date and Time Formatting
Author Geoff Worboys
> I always use display format, so I did not noticed this.
> I can't answer your question ("why has changed?") but:
> a) is this a problem of IB_Edit, or a general IBO issue?

I see it in IB_EditEnh - because I use my enhanced mask processing,
but it also alters the display in IB_Grid and my reporting system.

> b) have you compared working code with the new one? No comments in
> the source about this?

I can see the note about the change but it does not say why
(see below).

> c) instead of writing code to revert to the old behaviour, why not
> define DisplayFormat at domain/ib_connection level?

In some cases this will work, in other cases I can simply alter the
shortdateformat etc directly. But in some instances I have custom
display/edit formats based on a particular field instance. In large
production applications it is going to take time to track down all
these cases and fix them.

> d) I love having date formatted in a different way than when they
> are edited. For instance, I edit 99/99/99 and often format
> dd/mm/yyyy ddd

You always had that option by defining both a displayformat and an
editmask. What I object to is the change in behaviour, especially
when there seems no point.

That is; The original behaviour was easily altered by developers,
so why was it necessary to install a change of behaviour affecting
existing applications? It just seems like an unnecessary intrusion
on existing applications.

As another observation: The change also means that DateTime fields
operate on a different basis to other types of fields - which
continue to operate as they did before. This inconsistency seems
unnecessary. (Perhaps I should not mention this, I may lose my
preferred behaviour for all fields ;-)

Looking through the archive I notice that I am not the only one to
be effected by this change.

PS. Not that it is a big deal. I have the source I can soon alter
the behaviour to my own preference - back to the way it was - but
this is not really desireable for the long term.

> anyway, I'm happy you are upon IBO code again :))

Only part time. Lots of other things to keep me busy at the moment.
But its nice to be missed :-)

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing