Subject Re: [IBO] IBO Stored procedure under high load
Author dirknaudts

> Is this the actual logic of your handler? If so, then you seem to
> calling execproc in both success and fail conditions.

Well, yes, and I guess i could put an extra test arround it , but
then again question remains why should the condition fail whereas it
succeeds on a 1000 other occasions. I mean the SP isn't runtime
created, so if the params are there the first x times, why shouldn't
they be an other time ? and it' s also always the same process
that "feeds" the params .

> >Is the prepare ok , or should I call unprepare before that ? Why
> >failing every x times or so ?

So question remains...

> What version of client and server are you using? If it isn't
Firebird 1,
> then you might be encountering some manifestation of the famous
> bug. For more info, see the article on the IBO news page - it
applies to
> all versions of InterBase and some of the Firebird
> betas.

Thanks for the link, I'll read it now,

I am using FB 1.0.


Dirk Naudts.